Image of East Branch Reservoir Taken At The Beginning of Autumn - Claridon Township
Grand River In Madison Township 2014
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1-2 Man Field Crew: $155 per/hr
General Office: $75 per/hr
Office Calculations: $65 per/hr
Office Filing: $65 per/hr

2024 Hourly Rates Schedule

Research Cost: $65 per/hr
Drafting Cost: $95 per/hr
Corrective Affidavits: $175 each
Travel Time (Port To Port): $65 per/hr


Legal Descriptions: $150 each
Concrete Monuments: $200 each
Steel T-Posts: $25 each
PVC Posts: $25 each

Credit Cards Accepted
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Delmar B. Kosie & Associates Established in 1964 - Robert L. Kosie, PS8167 - Owner
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